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I just finished To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (It was great). Now I have to pick between these two.


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I’ve now accepted the fact that I will die in a pile of unread books.

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We love making book lists. (Obviously.) But we especially love when we get to make lists for a) incredible books, and b) incredible books by incredible authors who’ll be here on July 26 for our YA Author Fest!

12 Authors. 1 Day. Meet and greets, book signings, and discussions between authors and readers: it’s going to be a great day for fans of YA literature!

We’ve rounded up all of our reading suggestions for each author’s books, so if said fans are looking for stellar reads this summer - well, there’s a lot here, so it might take you through fall, too! - look no further.

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I’m on chapter 35. I really like it so far. It’s pretty cute. What are you reading?

"I don’t like to read."



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In fact, all I have left of my father is his last name – and I think that’s only because Ma couldn’t stand the shame of leaving FATHER’S NAME blank on my birth certificate. What if the hospital people thought she was the kind of woman who couldn’t remember the names of the men she slept with?
— Meg Medina, Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass (via ithurts-because-itmattered)
My Thoughts On: Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass


Title: Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass (goodreads)
Author: Meg Medina
Pub Year: 2013
Format: Hardcover
Page #: 272


Piddy is targeted by a bully at her new school. As the school year progresses the threats get more intense and Piddy’s life begins to revolve around avoiding Yaqui and her friends. 

My Thoughts:

I really liked the book. First I enjoyed reading about a Latina teenager and her struggles- she finds that she isn’t “Latin enough”. One of her friends even tells her that she doesn’t consider her Latina because she doesn’t act like the other Latina’s in her school. 

I really loved the scenes in the hair salon and with Lila, Piddy’s mother’s best friend. The way the woman come together, and Piddy learns about being an adult from the. 

I did however feel that something from the book was missing. the ending is a bit unsatisfying, but sometimes life is like that. The problem I had with the book was that I just expected to feel more. I wanted to really feel like Piddy was scared but I just didn’t. There were times when I just didn’t care about the bullying at all. Even though Piddy was terrified I didn’t feel like it came across that way in the writing.

The other issue I had was with the story line involving Piddy’s absentee father. She knows that there is more to the story then what she has heard but she is still convinced that her mother is guilty of something. It did feel like there was any tension because I could figure out what had happened so Piddy’s self-righteous worrying was boring. 

There is a lot happening in the story so even though the parts about the bullying left me wanting more (in a bad way), I did enjoy all of the relationships and those story lines.

cloneclub + threats

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Cat Claims to Be Working, Actually Just Playing Candy Crush

When Fresno the cat called in sick to work on Monday, he told his boss it was because he had been up all weekend working on the TPS reports that were due midweek. Though there is some truth to that — he spent most of Friday finishing the reports — the real reason he hadn’t slept was a particularly difficult level of Candy Crush Saga. 

According to roommate Harvey Quinn, who spoke to The Fluffington Post because he wanted to “get back at Fresno for chewing up his iPhone charger cord,” the cat spent most of the weekend trying to beat level 181.

"He’s trying to get 3 stars on every cleared level," explained Quinn, "so 181 is pretty hard. You need 65,000 points in 50 moves."

Quinn said Fresno barely got any sleep and replayed the level hundreds of times.

"You could hear him meowing in frustration all weekend," said Quinn. "I tried to get him to just watch a YouTube cheat video, but he refused. Something about wanting his victory to be sweet."

Fresno could not be reached for comment.

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